What are MMO Games

MMO stands for massively multiplayer online game. An MMO is more of an online game which has the ability to provide support to huge number of players. In an MMO game the number of players can exceed from fifty to thousand. Most of the MMO games have an open world outlook however the scenario may change as per the game type. The MMO games can be found with ease on platforms which are network-capable in nature such as smartphones, personal computers, consoles and mobile devices. Through MMO games, players can compete against each other and that too on a larger scale.

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Update: MMO games can cause lots of controversies lately, as they are time-consuming activities. Well, there is no secret you need to have lots of free time to enjoy them fully. This is why we should warn all potential players to NOT play MMO while at work. You don’t want to end up like these caught nannies! Yes, it really can happen. Now back to the types…

MMO games: Types

There are many types of MMO games developed nowadays however some of the major types are as follows:


The first type of MMO game can be termed as Role playing. Technically the Role play games are also termed as MMORPGs. The MMORPGs are considered as the most common type of MMO games. Many MMORPGs are designed in such a way that they fall more into the category of Multiplayer Browser game. This kind of designing is done in order to control as well as reduce the cost of infrastructure.Primarily the browser based games are referred to as BBMMORPGs.

First-person shooter

The second type of MMO game is known as First-Person shooter. Technically it is also termed as MMOFPS and is more of an online gaming genre. The MMOFPS contain a huge number of concurrent players in fashion which is more first-person in nature. These games mostly consist of a combat which is team based. The MMOFPS games focus more on the skill of the player as opposed to the statistics.

Bulletin board role-playing games

The Bulletin board role-playing games are more referred to as MMOBBGs. These games are very common nowadays however the uniqueness of these games lies in the fact that they are more dependent on descriptions and text as compared to their counter parts. Images are also utilized in the game in order to enhance its overall outlook and graphics.

Real-time strategy

The fourth type of MMO games is MMORTS. The special thing about these games is that they combine the persistent world with real-time strategy. While playing this game a person may act as a king or a general and must control his or her country or state. These games require smartness and usually are very entertaining as far as game play is concerned.

Turn-based strategy

The biggest example of Turn-based strategy game is UltraCorps. Players in hundred can play this type of game with ease. There are various sub types of these games as well for example mega game involves fleet building and Darkwind involves combat orders etc.

Some Popular MMO games
  • DC Universe Online
  • Freaky Creatures
  • poptropica
  • SubSpace
  • Starport: Galactic Empires
  • Infantry Online

There are various MMO games that can be easily bought from the market. Many of these games are available online as well.

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