Make Money with Runescape: The 5 Important Tips

Runescape is a well-known game that can be played from a person’s own browser. It is basically a fantasy based MMORPG game which can be played by a person from his or her own browser. Runescape is a type of game which does not require any kind of installation. A person can also upgrade his or her character in the game. In this small discourse we will share some tips that can help a person generate money in Runescape. The tips are discussed in the headings below.


The first way through which an individual can earn money in Runescape is through selling the feathers. The players who are below the level of 30 can slaughter some chickens. The killing of chickens will help them in the collection of feathers. Once a fair number of feathers are collected an individual can sell them for gold. The members who fall in the “free to play” category can get a good price by accessing “World One”. The best place where one can sell the feathers is the West Bank which itself is situated in Varrock. The members who fall in the category of “play to play” should head towards the north of the Falador bank, if they want to get a good price.


If a person is good at dueling then such an individual should go for it. The caution is that if person is not experienced and good in dueling then such a person should do some practice before practically going for dueling. Dueling without practice can be very risky as a small mistake can result in the loss of Gold which a person already has.

Goods Selling

If a person wants to get the goods sold for a good profit then for this there are plenty of good options available. A person can purchase food from one area and sell them in an area which has food scarcity. You can sell the food at a higher price an area which is facing shortage of food. As a player in the game one can also do some trade with other players as well? The basic tip that needs to be remembered as far as selling of goods is concerned is to know the current market prices. For higher profits one needs to follow the ongoing rate.

Treasure Hunting

This is more of a mini game which members can play. The treasure hunting involves three different levels. Each level offer items that are equal in value to Gold. The game is a fun activity and can turn out to be profitable as well.


In Runescape the amount of money earned depends upon the skills of the player. The three skills that are highly essential in the game are those of mining, fishing and woodcutting.

The game is very much free to play and involves unending thrill as well as excitement. While playing the game an individual can enhance his or her experience by smartly utilizing the game money to purchase new items.

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